5 Best Water Flosser Reviews For Squeaky Clean Teeth & Gums

How do you safely remove food between those teeth without space between them, braces, crowns or periodontal pockets? Dental floss can be damaging. The string leaves you with bleeding gums, pulls fillings out and its hard to use. A good water jet dental flosser washes away the tiniest food particles, removes plaque buildup & is 100% safe for braces, crowns, bridges. An easy solution for improved dental hygiene Read more

3 Reasons Why You Have Small White Bumps On Your Gums

Are you worried about why you have small white bumps on your gums? There is usually a good reason why those small white sore on gums appear. These are the 3 main reasons why they appear. Often they will disappear over time, but not if they are due to gingivitis or periodontal disease. If you are concerned, check with your dentist today. Read more

Why Your Tooth Socket Turned Black After a Tooth Extraction

You’ve been to the dentist for a tooth extraction and sent home with the care instructions. Next morning you can see the rather large hole is looking a bit sore and inflamed in the mirror. Do you see a lot of black stuff appearing in the base of the empty tooth socket? This happens after a tooth extraction and it’s the body’s self healing mechanism kicking in. Hint, may be a blood clot…… Read more

The Best Teeth Whitening Products for Home Use Under $80. Smile with Confidence

We list 6 of the The Best Teeth Whitening Products for Home Use Under $80 which will restore your confidence to smile without displaying yellowed teeth. People often judge us subconsciously in a few seconds and having a great smile with white teeth is good oral hygiene! These are some of the cheap teeth whitening products that work without needing expensive dental visits. Read more

How to Avoid Bad Breath in the Morning After Waking Up:)

Why is it your breath can smell so disgusting and your mouth taste like a garbage bin in the mornings… A commonly asked question is: How to Avoid Bad Breath in the Morning After Waking Up? There are a number of reasons why your breath smells so disgusting in the morning, as well as some solutions to make you nicer to be around. You can stop your loved ones flinching when you breathe:) Read more