Natural Home Remedies for Painful Dental Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscess is an extremely painful dental condition when pus builds up in your teeth or gums. Pus that forms in your teeth is known as periapical abscess and pus that forms in your gum is known as periodontal abscess. There are several ways for tooth abscess to form but the main cause is due to bacterial infection in your mouth. It’s pretty easy to identify a tooth abscess. Along with the severe pain, you will notice a faint white … Read more

Quick Ways to Get Rid of Tooth Pain After Cavity Filling

Have you been experiencing some tooth pains recently after having your teeth cavities filled? Well, it is nothing to be too concerned about as it is perfectly normal to experience a bit of pain for a few days. Some people report having sharp pain whenever they eat/drink, or dull pain throughout the day. The type of pain you experience really depends on the severity of the teeth cavity that was filled. If you have been experiencing teeth pains for over … Read more

5 Cheap Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth Enamel & Gum

Don’t want to wear dentures when you get older? Start taking action now to strengthen your teeth. You don’t have to pay for expensive treatments to improve your teeth enamel and gum. You just need to change small tidbits here and there to improve the overall state of your oral health. Most of the changes have to do with your lifestyle habits such as what you eat and drink. If you follow these five tips, other aspects of your teeth … Read more

3 Ways to Permanently Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Once winter kicks in, a lot of people have trouble with chapped lips. This term is basically used for people who have really dry lips. Once the lips become dry, it starts to crack. This makes the mouth area unappealing in terms of appearance. If you are having trouble getting rid of chapped lips, it is important to understand why it happens in the first place. There are a lot of factors that lead to the emergence of chapped lips. … Read more

Best Ways to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

A lot of people love eating garlic, either on its own or as part of a dish. Unfortunately, some people suffer from a condition called garlic breath. This isn’t simply a case of biting into garlic and having garlic-like smell coming from your mouth. Garlic breath can go much deeper than that. Garlic contains a sulfuric substance called allyl methyl sulfide. When this substance goes into your blood stream, it eventually reaches various parts of your body such as the … Read more

3 Reasons Why Apples Are Good for Your Teeth

Dental hygiene isn’t just about brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily behavior. It is just as important to control what you consume as food can have a great impact on your teeth condition. For example, some foods are known to cause stains on your teeth. Other foods have acidic properties that may damage your teeth enamel over time. By knowing what foods are good and what foods are bad, you will be able to have much better control … Read more

Is Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Bad for Your Teeth?

You are probably wondering about this very question after reading that baking soda is a great home remedy for teeth whitening purposes. To truly understand the benefits and concerns of using baking soda for teeth whitening, one has to first understand what baking soda is. In scientific terms, baking soda is called sodium bicarbonate. If you search for this compound online, you will see that it is used for all types of purposes. For example, sodium bicarbonate is used to … Read more

Do Banana Peels Help With Whitening Your Teeth?

Search home remedies for teeth whitening online and you’ll come across a whole lot of interesting remedies. There are some that have proved effective for a number of years such as using baking soda. However, you’ll also come across a lot of weird home remedies that will make you question whether it actually helps in whitening your teeth. One such remedy is the banana peel. In this article, we examine whether banana peels really work in helping you whiten your … Read more

3 Cheap Natural Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Bleaching agents… They don’t give the nicest feelings to your teeth. Most over-the-counter teeth whitening products make use of bleaching agents or peroxide-based agents. If you want to go the natural route, here are three cheap natural remedies you can try at home. A lot of people swear by these methods. They are worth a shot. #1 Baking Soda How effective can baking soda be? Well… every teeth whitening article out there seems to list it as a cheap and … Read more