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Having problems with your dental conditions? You just so happen to be in the right place!

Dentists Hate Me is a community-drive blog that covers information on the latest dental tips and products. Our teeth and mouth are so important, performing a multitude of functions daily and we take them for granted until something goes wrong… We have all had dental experiences which are inevitably expensive, ranging into the 1000’s of dollars.

Here in Dentists Hate Me, I share my experiences and those of our readers with you all. There are tons of ways to avoid an expensive dental bill and I have plenty of suggestions for you. I investigate emergency dental care with a quick and cheap temporary tooth option, the best water flossers to remove rotting food particles and keeping your breath fresh to the best way to safely whiten your teeth for  a bright smile and much more….

Make your smile your best feature and feel confident in facing the world:)

Feel free to contact us if you need more specific information on your dental problems. We are here to help!

May your day be outstanding!