Will My Teeth Turn White if I Brush Them for an Hour?

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What happens if you brush your teeth for an hour? Chances are, you won’t be getting results that you are expecting. First, if you are thinking of doing this because you have yellow teeth, your teeth aren’t going to get whiter if you brush them for an hour. Instead, your teeth condition will probably get worse. In this article, we examine what happens when a person brushes their teeth for an hour. It is extremely important for people to know that it isn’t the duration that is most important. Rather, it is the method of brushing which matters.

Consequences of brushing for too long

The common person brushes their teeth three times a day, with each session lasting an average of one to two minutes. If you spend over ten to fifteen minutes brushing your teeth, you may be making your teeth condition worse. First, there is a high chance that you are breaking down the teeth enamel. This is the outer part of the teeth that more-or-less protects the inner core. Once your teeth enamel erodes, your teeth are more vulnerable to all sorts of dental diseases. Therefore, unless the dentist recommends otherwise, it is best that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Your objective is to do just enough so there is no chance of plaque forming on your teeth. Plaque is actually a soft substance so it doesn’t take much effort to remove.

How to whiten yellow teeth

If brushing your teeth for an hour is not a good solution to whitening yellow teeth, what is? Well, make sure you are getting your brushing technique right. A lot of people brush their teeth from one side to another in a zigzag motion. This isn’t the most effective way of cleaning your teeth. Here are some tips to have in mind. First, tilt your toothbrush so it is at a forty five degree angle against the gum. You should look to brush away from the gum, not towards it. Second, don’t forget to brush your tongue. If you have a tongue scraper, use it. You’ll be surprised by all the disgusting stuff that comes out from your tongue. Last but not least, don’t forget to brush the inner part of your teeth. A lot of people get lazy and only brush the front surface of the teeth. When cleaning, use short strokes.

Type of toothpaste

In general, most toothpaste products are the same so one product is not going to have a significant advantage over the other. That said, you will want to get hold of toothpaste that contains fluoride. If you are affected by some sort of dental condition such as gum disease, there are special toothpastes that have been made to tackle such conditions.