How to Get Rid of Yellow/Brown Stains Around Braces

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One common problem that people with braces have is the formation of yellow or brown stains. People who have had braces on for a long period of time are more likely to have brown stains around the brackets of their braces. What is the main reason for this?

As most people with braces know, it is extremely difficult to properly clean your teeth, especially with the brackets blocking most of the teeth surface. In this article, we examine several methods you can use at home in order to get rid of the yellow or brown stains.

If you are having your braces removed, the dentist could also have the brown stains easily removed using techniques such as scaling. Until then, you can try these home remedies to clean your teeth properly.

#1 Use A Poseidon – Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

The Poseidon Waterpik Oral Irrigator is great way for you to prevent brown stains from forming in the first place. An oral irrigator or Waterpik is a device that allows you to floss using high-pressured streams of water.

It is basically the dream dental device for people with braces because they will no longer have trouble flossing using inconvenient tools such as toothpicks and dental flosses.

Cleans Out Food Particles In A Jiffy!

The Waterpik will help you clear out all the junk that is lodged within the brackets of your teeth. Sometimes, there are parts of your teeth where your toothbrush won’t be able to reach. The Waterpik solves that problem for you. It’s also available for less than $50 so it is a worthy investment. Click here to read about my experiences of using a Waterpik


#2 Stick with water

Until the brown or yellow stain disappears, stick with drinking water only. If you have been drinking a lot of colored beverages such as coffee, then that may have caused the stains to appear on your teeth. By the time you have your braces taken out; it will be difficult to get rid of the stains through brushing alone.

Therefore, you will also have to watch what you eat and drink to get rid of the stains as soon as possible. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after every meal to wash away the food residue that has accumulated on the teeth.

#3 Tooth mousse

If you visit the dentist, some may recommend that you use a paste called a tooth mousse. This product basically helps extra protection for your teeth, and it restores important minerals for your teeth structure. Using a good tooth mousse helps to correct, prevent, and strengthen vital tooth enamel to prevent the continued loss of enamel.

Uncle Harry’s also stabilizes cavities from further demineralization. Enamel erosion often occurs from lingering acid sin the mouth, even an inadequate diet will wear away precious tooth enamel, causing irreversible damage.

So, really, it;s best to be proactive and care for your teeth now to avoid nasty dental bills. Another plus, Uncle Harry’s tooth mousse is gluten free, glycerin free, fluoride free, and vegan.

The kit includes Tooth Powder, Mouthwash and Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel. Make sure your dentist gives you the green light before you start using it.

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