3 Ways to Treat Small Holes that Appear in Your Gums

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Do you have small holes appearing in your gums? If you do, you must have your mouth checked by a dentist immediately. The main cause of small holes in gums is Gingivitis. If you don’t treat this gum disease, the condition can worsen and you will be affected by a disease that is even more painful called periodontal disease.

In this article, we have a look at three methods you can use at home in order to treat the small holes that appear in your gum. However, don’t use this as your only source of treatment. Make sure you receive the necessary medications from a dentist to get rid of Gingivitis quickly.

Before we explain the three home remedies, we will first explain why these small holes appear. The main cause of Gingivitis is due to bad dental hygiene. Haven’t been brushing and flossing your teeth frequently? That is probably the reason why you are suffering from a whole lot of dental problems.

The amount of bacteria that infiltrate your body increases when you reduce the amount of care taken on your teeth. When the bacteria enter the gum, it causes the underlying bone structure to erode. This can cause parts of your gum to sink in, hence the emergence of these tiny holes in your gum. Along with taking the proper medication, here are three home remedies you can use to get rid of the tiny holes in your gum.

#1 Water Flossing

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of bacteria in your mouth is by flossing your mouth with water. Dental flosses and toothpicks aren’t effective in getting rid of the food particles that are lodged deep within your teeth gaps. Water picks can solve that problem. I have owned a water pick for two years and used it diligently. To reduce bacterial growth between the teeth gaps, you can mix a bit of antiseptic mouthwash into the reservoir tank of the water pick and floss your teeth using the mixed solution. For more information on the benefits of water picks, <click here to read my experience of using the Panasonic Oral Irrigator.

#2 Dietary Needs

Watch what you eat. Stop consuming foods and beverages that could cause bacteria to spread in your mouth. For example, avoid anything acidic like carbonated drinks. Instead, replace them with foods that lead to a healthy gum. Instead of having candies, eat unsweetened raisins instead. Raisins have antioxidants that fight bacterial growth in your body. Another thing you could incorporate in your diet is green tea. According to one study, green tea has helped Japanese men reduce the risk of contracting various gum diseases. Start eating a healthy diet!

#3 Use an electric toothbrush

Most people think that normal toothbrushes are just as effective as electric toothbrushes. They aren’t wrong, but an electric toothbrush can do a whole lot of good for someone who is suffering from various dental problems.
Click here to check out the electric toothbrushes we recommend for your use. If you are already affected by teeth plaque, electronic toothbrushes are more effective in helping you remove them due to the oscillation movement of the brush. You won’t regret getting one!

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