Real Answer: Can You Chew Gum While Having Braces?

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Search this question on the internet and you will have plenty of conflicting views on whether you can or cannot chew gum while you have braces on. In the end, what should matter most is the opinion of your dentist because everyone deals with difference circumstances but here is some food for thought for when you decide whether you should chew that packet of gum chilling in your pocket.

Argument: Should Chew Gum

According to some reports, chewing gum can relieve some of the pain that comes with braces. Chewing gum also leads to an increase in blood flow around your gum tissue and this can prevent common symptoms like gum inflammation from happening. If you want to chew gum while having braces, it is generally recommended that you only chew sugar-free gums. Apparently, gums that aren’t sugar-free have a higher likelihood of getting stuck on your braces.

Argument: Shouldn’t Chew Gum

So you have tried chewing a few gum sticks and the brackets have yet to fall out. What’s the big deal everyone is making? Well, even if your brackets don’t fall out, you still risk the chance of bending the wires that connect the brackets together. That is real bad. If you bend the wire, then the teeth will follow suit and subtly move towards the bent spot. No straight wire = No straight-aligned teeth.

Gum can also get stuck on braces and it’s not an easy job to pull them off without causing any sort of damage to the wires or brackets. Unless there is a very good reason, you should simply refrain from chewing gum until your braces have been taken off.

Other things you should not chew

Gums aren’t the only things that you should be precocious of. If you have braces on, it is recommended that you avoid any food that is sticky or extremely crunchy. These foods include, but aren’t limited to caramel, toffee, artificial candy, jelly, nuts, popcorn, and ice. People who have braces on make a big sacrifice but it is a sacrifice worth taking if it means you’ll have beautifully aligned teeth in the future.