How I Whitened My Yellow Teeth with Braces in a Few Weeks

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How to whiten teeth with braces? It seems like an impossible task because the braces get in the way. It is a huge nightmare for people who need to have teeth braces on for a long period of time. Is it even possible to whiten the yellow teeth that are covered by braces? I was having such dental issues for some time. I’ve had braces on for a few months and I started to notice how the shade of my teeth was slowly turning yellow. No matter how often I brushed my teeth or gargled my mouth with mouthwash, nothing seemed to work to help whiten my teeth with braces. That was until I got my hands on a water pick.

I was browsing online, just like you were, to see if there was any effective method of whitening teeth with braces. I was desperate. I only had a few months left till my braces were going to be taken out. I wanted my teeth to be pearly white the day it came off. I came across this one forum and someone recommended that I should try using a water pick. What on earth is a water pick? I looked and found out that it was a simple device that helped you floss safely using high-pressured streams of water. I decided I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot and bought myself a WaterPik (click here to get yours at a great discount).

WOW. What a huge difference it made to my dental health. The Water pick didn’t just help me whiten my teeth with braces. It also helped me get rid of all the bad breath issues I’ve had in the past because food kept getting stuck between my braces. After using the water pick diligently for two weeks, I saw some major differences in my teeth color.

My teeth didn’t instantly go white but I did notice a gradual change in color. Trust me on this. The water pick will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for yourself. I never realized the importance of flossing until I started using the water pick. You think you are doing a good job of brushing your teeth? You’ll be shocked by all the food tidbits that come out while you are spraying your teeth gaps with a water pick.

So why do I highly recommend that people with braces get a water pick? First, it’s a lot safer than flossing with a toothpick or a normal dental floss. You are simply spraying streams of water at your teeth so it won’t alter the shape of your braces in any way. Second, it doesn’t utilize any chemicals that most teeth whitening kits use. It takes a bit of time to get used to because your mouth will feel a little ticklish as water sprays against your gum and teeth. The water pick can also clean areas of your teeth that aren’t accessible for toothbrushes and dental flosses. There’s no reason not to get one.

I am honestly surprised that a lot of dentists don’t mention it to their patients. It’s perfectly fine if you feel skeptical about the product. If you get the WaterPik Ultra Flosser, you get 14 full days to test it out. Don’t like it? You can return it for a full refund. Guess what though? You’ll probably not want to return it anyways because it’s that great. My mouth honestly never felt so fresh! Want to learn how to whiten teeth with braces? Well, here you have it. Get yourself a water pick and start noticing the difference in just a week or two. Click here to also learn more by reading about my personal experience of using a water pick to whiten my teeth.