3 of the Best Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits

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Personally, I only recommend over-the-counter teeth whitening as a very last resort. Your mouth may feel uncomfortable if your teeth are sensitive to a sudden change in chemical balances. OTC teeth whitening kits are extremely effective at teeth whitening through the process of bleaching. Before you use any of the products below, make sure you get the approval of a certified dentist.

When you use these teeth whitening kits, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands. Usually, you will have to put on a mouth guard for several hours. Teeth whitening gels make use of a substance called Carbamide Peroxide. The higher the concentration, the more efficient it is. However, it is recommended that you start off with one that is no higher than 16% in strength.

#1 EASY WHITENING Tooth Whitening Gel

For the price at which this teeth whitening kit is offered, you could easily consider it as the best bang for the buck. Containing 10 syringes of whitening gel, you could see results in a matter of weeks. Depending on the state of your teeth, it could take anywhere between two to eight weeks. Like all other whitening gel, you just need to apply some on your teeth and let it work its magic. A common way for people to use this product is to apply the gel every morning for around thirty minutes. Instead of spending hundreds on your dentist, you could try out this effective whitening kit for just twenty five dollars. Click here to learn more.

#2 Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitening Strip
Instead of applying gel, you could also try out Crest’s latest whitening strip product, the 3D Professional effects line. Every morning or night, apply the whitening strips for thirty minutes. For each box, you will get 20 strips for both the upper and lower lines of teeth. Although you probably won’t see noticeable changes in a few days like the product tagline states, you will gain some satisfactory results after a few weeks. You will have to be very persistent though, not missing a day. Click here to learn more.

#3 Teeth Whitening Light Kit
If you have tried the two products above with no avail, it wouldn’t hurt trying out this innovative product. It actually use tooth whitening gel as well but the difference with this product is the use of light. You basically stick in a bit of LED light along with gel. Please note that you should be extremely careful whenever you use these products. Make sure you do not get any gel on your gum or you could be in for a painful few days. Click here to learn more.

Safety Notice
As mentioned previously, go to a dentist and ask for a recommendation on the whitening kit that suits your dental conditions. If you have a history of contracting dental conditions such as gum disease or sensitive teeth, don’t use a whitening kit that contains a high level of Carbamide Peroxide.