4 Natural Food that Boost Your Teeth Whitening Effort

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Earlier, we covered four popular food and drinks you should avoid to boost your teeth whitening effort. This time, we want to highlight four natural food you should include in your daily diet. Your eating habits have a very big influence on your teeth condition. What you eat is what you get. I recommend the following food for several reasons. First, a few of them have natural abrasive surfaces and this helps with getting rid of stains on the teeth surface. Second, some food act as natural antibiotics. Rather than having to rely on medication pills, you can boost your immune system by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables. Third, they make your breath smell better. Without further ado, here are four natural food you should consider.

#1 Pineapples

Don’t fool yourself by having canned pineapples. They aren’t the same as fresh slices. Pineapple contain various nutrients that aid your teeth whitening efforts. The first substance I want to mention is Bromelain. There are two general benefits of Bromelain. First, the anti-inflammatory properties reduce the chances of gum diseases like periodontal disease from happening. Second, Bromelain is known to act as a natural stain remover. During the summer, the best way to enjoy fresh pineapple is to freeze the slices for a few hours. I enjoy this a lot more than having ice cream.

#2 Basil

Basil is one of the many herbs that act as a natural antibiotic. It is important to consume these kinds of food to
maintain great oral health. Natural antibiotics reduce the level of bacteria across your body. In your mouth, it is important to kill bacteria found in teeth plaques. The bacteria found in plaque releases chemicals that weaken your teeth enamel. There are two ways to use basil leaves. You can either use it in your dishes or turn the basil leave into a paste by mixing the powder with a few drops of water. Apply the paste on your teeth for a few minutes before giving your mouth a nice rinse.

#3 Salmon

Salmon isn’t the only fish that is beneficial to your teeth but it is known for its rich level of omega 3 fatty acid. Salmon is also filled with other important minerals such as vitamin D. These minerals are known to promote strong teeth growth and reduce the chances of contracting gum diseases like Gingivitis. As someone who enjoys sushi, I personally love having salmon raw. If you can, go for wild tuna instead of farmed ones.

#4 Ginger

Like pineapples, ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Even if it doesn’t have an immediate effect, ginger is good for those affected by sensitive teeth conditions. It is also good to consume ginger when you are removing your wisdom teeth.